Management Accounting in Supply Chains


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Companies more and more compete as integrated supply chains rather than as individual firms. Success of the entire supply chain (SC) determines the economic well-being of the individual company. With management attention shifting to supply chains, the role of management accounting (MAC) naturally must extend to the cross-company layer as well. MAC can make a significant contribution to SC success, but is faced with a multitude of problems and challenges when trying to do so.

Students both in supply chain management (SCM) or management accounting (MAC) respectively, are typically not familiarized with these issues. There is still a clear gap in higher education teaching when it comes to management accounting in a cross-company setting. This textbook wants to fill the gap. It targets students who are already familiar with the fundamentals of accounting and now want to extend their expertise in the field of cross-company (or network) management accounting – with supply chains being the typical case in point. Practitioners might draw valuable insights from the text as well.

This textbook has been developed for university courses conducted in English language, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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