Your Living Legacy


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Your Living Legacy: How Your Parenting Style Shapes the Future for You and Your Child

Editorial Reviews:

This book stands apart from other guides aimed at conscientious parents, through its broad-ranging and comprehensive content. The author strikes an effective balance between informational content and personal reflections, while self assessments and questionnaires provide an interactive element.
--Book Life

The book is good for self-reflection and also how to learn from children, something which no book can teach."
--Reader's Favorite Review

"Your Living Legacy is not a self-help book, but a guided tour of discovering yourself as a parent. It may happen that you will discover something considerably different from what you expected."
-- Net Galley review


"Your Living Legacy" is an eye-opener to enable parents to

-learn more about themselves and their children
-have a better relationship with their children
-understand their parenting style and its impact on their children
-find out what should be done to prevent harm
-identify the actions that work

No one is perfect and this book shows readers that there is beauty in imperfection and how to be a better role model to your kids.

Learn about 20 different parenting styles and discover where you fit. Self-assessments enable you to identify your personal style and evaluate the impact on your child's development as well as on your relationship with your child.

Additional information on important topics include:

-Developmental Influences
-Healing Relationships
-Letting Go.
-Helpful hints and tips to provide guidance on improving your parenting skills.

This is an essential resource for any parent or caregiver who wants to build lasting relationships and to create opportunities for guiding their children to become emotionally healthy and successful adults. You and your child can benefit by developing the skills and confidence that will make you both feel connected, trusting, and comfortable with each other.

Book Awards:

CIPA EVVY Book Awards: First Place: "Family And Relationships", Third Place: "Self-Help"

Reader's Favorite Award: Finalist: "Self Help"

San Diego Book Awards: "Best Published Self-Help/Psychology."

Book Excellence Awards: Finalist

Book Life Award: Finalist, Nonfiction, First Place, Self-Help/Relationships

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