Pattern Recognition


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In 2009, for the second time in a row, Jena hosted an extraordinary event. In th 2008, Jena celebrated the 450 birthday of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena with the motto “Lichtgedanken” – “?ashes of brilliance. ” This year, for almost one week, Jena became the center for the pattern recognition research st community of the German-speaking countries in Europe by hosting the 31 Annual Symposium of the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur ¨ Mustererkennung (DAGM). Jena is a special place for this event for several reasons. Firstly, it is the ?rst time that the university of Jena has been selected to host this conference, and it isanopportunitytopresentthecityofJenaaso?eringafascinatingcombination of historic sites, an intellectual past, a delightful countryside,and innovative, - ternationalresearchandindustrywithinThuringia. Second,the conferencetakes place in an environment that has been heavily in?uenced by optics research and industry for more than 150 years. Third, in several schools and departments at the University of Jena, research institutions and companies in the ?elds of p- tern recognition, 3D computer vision, and machine learning play an important role. The university's involvement includes such diverse activities as industrial inspection, medical image processing and analysis, remote sensing, biomedical analysis, and cutting-edge developments in the ?eld of physics, such as the - cent development of the new terahertz imaging technique. Thus, DAGM 2009 was an important event to transfer basic research results to di?erent appli- tions in such areas.

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