Practical Sustainability Strategies


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The guide to sustainable strategies and tools to improve competitive business advantage, updated with practical case studies and supporting teaching material

The revised and updated second edition of Practical Sustainability Strategies is filled with proven strategies and tools for organizations to integrate sustainability into their business models. Drawing on the authors’ research and years of hands-on experience, the book defines strategies that organizations can put in place to develop, extend, or maintain competitive advantage without harming the environment. Additionally, the authors provide tools for measuring and reporting progress and present illustrative case studies that clearly demonstrate the importance of implementing sustainability.

Since the first edition was published in 2013, new strategies, measurements, and certifications have been developed. The book, which is used by several business schools around the globe, has been updated to include these new and effective strategies, including circular economy, the sharing economy, adaptation, resiliency, and strategies to fight climate change. This new edition also highlights the UN Sustainable Development Goals that have been adopted worldwide. This updated second edition:

  • Covers new strategies, measuring systems, GRI, STARS and B-Lab certifications
  • Offers teaching slides and questions for use in the classroom
  • Explores the principles and importance of sustainability
  • Examines more than 10 different sustainability strategies
  • Presents the economic justification for sustainability with illustrative examples

Written for sustainability managers, ESG professionals, engineers, process designers, policy makers, CEOs, business schools, and others, the second edition of Practical Sustainability Strategies offers an updated guide to the most recent strategies and tools that can be put into place to improve competitive advantage, while also providing a positive impact to the community and workplace.

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