Cassava Cultural Practices


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Agronomic practices for cassava production: a lilerature review; Cassava planting material: management practices for production; Influence of period and conditions of storage on growth and yield of cassava; Cassava production and planting systems in Brazil; Cassava planting systems in Africa; Cassava planting systems in Asia; Double row planting systems for cassava in Brazil; Soil-related cultural practices for cassava; Soil and water conservation and management for cassava production in Africa; Soil-related intercropping pratices in cassava production; Long-term fertility considerations in cassava production; Cassava production in low fertility soils; Chemical control of weeds in cassava; Integrated control of diseases and pests of cassava; Mechanical planting and other cassava cultural practices in Cuba; Cultural practices for large cassava plantations; The effect of mycorrhizal on the phosphorus nutrition of cassava.

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