Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family


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This two-volume reference work is the only one of its kind. Thoroughly up-to-date, its 169 articles and 500,00 words form a state-of-the-art compendium of knowledge about marriage, family, and human relationships. The articles use broad definitions of the family unit and are explicitly interdisciplinary, with contributions from the fields of law, sociology, medicine, psychology, and anthropology. Readers will have easy access to a wide range of information from a variety of perspectives on modern familial relationships and issues. The Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive primary source for anyone interested in an interdisciplinary overview of topics relevant to marriage and the family. The alphabetically arranged articles address issues in major subject areas such as: Marriage, Family and Household Form, Family Relations, Mate Selection, and Marriage Ceremonies. Each article is clearly written for the general reader, contains a complete bibliography, and is extensively cross-referenced.

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