Big Data


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Big Data - 4 book BUNDLE!!

Data Analytics for Beginners

In this book you will learn:

Putting Data Analytics to Work

The Rise of Data Analytics

Big Data Defined

Cluster Analysis

Applications of Cluster Analysis

Commonly Graphed Information

Data Visualization

Four Important Features of Data Visualization Software

Big Data Impact Envisaged by 2020

Pros and Cons of Big Data Analytics

And of course much more!

Deep Learning with Keras

In this book you will learn:

Deep Neural Network

Neural Network Elements

Keras Models

Sequential Model

Functional API Model

Keras Layers

Core Keras Layers

Convolutional Keras Layers

Recurrent Keras Layers

Deep Learning Algorithms

Supervised Learning Algorithms

Applications of Deep Learning Models

Automatic Speech and Image Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Video Game Development

Real World Applications

And of course much more!

Analyzing Data with Power BI

In this book you will learn:

Basics of data analysis processes

Fundamental data analysis algorithms

Basic of data and text mining, data visualization and business intelligence

Techniques used for analysing quantitative data

Basic data analysis tasks

Conceptual, logical and physical data models

Power BI service and data modelling

Creating reports and visualizations in Power BI

Data transformation and data cleaning in Power BI

Real world applications of data analysis

Convolutional Neural Networks In Python

In this book you will learn:

Architecture of convolutional neural networks

Solving computer vision tasks using convolutional neural networks

Python and computer vision

Automatic image and speech recognition

Theano and TenroeFlow image recognition

How to use MNIST vision dataset

What are commonly used convolutional filters

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