Sustainable Manufacturing for Industry 4.0


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Industry 4.0 promises tremendous opportunities for industries to go green by leveraging virtual physical systems and internet driven technologies for a competitive advantage and set the platform for the factory of the future and smart manufacturing.

The book provides measures that can be adopted by practicing design engineers, to develop products that will be sustainable in all stages of its life cycle. It helps organizations in implementation of sustainable manufacturing practices and formulation of critical strategies in their transition towards Industry 4.0., and the book will provide insights on ways of deploying these practices in correlation with the environmental benefits mapped to support the practicing managers and stakeholders.


  • Assists in the understanding of the shifting paradigm in manufacturing sector towards smart and sustainable practices
  • Showcases contemporary technologies and their insurgence in existing industries
  • Focuses on need, applications, and implementation framework for Industry 4.0
  • Encapsulates all that one has to learn about sustainability and its transformation in Industry 4.0
  • Real time case studies are presented

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