A Changing World


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Is democracy done? Historian Dr. Cesar Vidal explores the expressions and failures of democracy throughout history, and the current threats to its existence around the globe in A Changing World.

Vidal, author of over 180 books and possessing Ph.Ds. in history, philosophy, law, and theology, connects the dots between the collapse of national sovereignty and global warming, illegal immigration, gender ideology, national debt, and a globalist agenda.
A Changing World details in five parts— a history of democracy, its threats, and options for the future, explaining the following:
  • The foundations of modern democracy and the preponderant role of the Reformation in vital notions such as the supremacy of the law, limited power, and the separation of powers.  Similarly, the author explores how these concepts took root in America and gave rise to the emergence of the United States, distinguishing this nation from European countries.
  • The risks facing democracy and how these dangers arose. Starting from an analysis of contemporary philosophical ideologies, he moves on to the emergence of interventionist States, from the origin of Marxism, the imposition and fall of communism, and the rise of fascism in Europe.
  • The threat of the globalist agenda, its main promoters—from Soros to Pope Francis—as well as the dogmas that compose it: global warming, gender ideology, population reduction, and the defense of illegal immigration, all issues that severely affect contemporary society.
  • The evolution of Europe and the emergence of the European Union as the end of independent nations. He then addresses the case of Latin America and the roots of its constant economic and governmental crises. He analyzes the current situations of Venezuela, Chile, and Colombia and why they matter.
  • The final part deals with the emerging resistance to the globalist agenda, manifested in the patriotic and democratic movements in the European Union, South America, and particularly in the United States with the rise of Donald Trump to power. Vidal uses a chapter to focus on Russian history, from tsarism to Putin, and then looks at China and its resurgence, with an appendix on the Middle East.
“Far from democracy and freedom being almost naturally imposed realities, both are more threatened than ever. This threat is not only external but also, to a large extent, internal. A Changing World is an attempt to explain what democracy is and its fragility as well as what the globalist agenda is—a colossal threat to the continuity of democracy itself,” says the author about his new book.


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