Driving Eco-innovation


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"If you miss this book you may miss the boat" - Ernst Ulrich von Weizscker, President of Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment & Energy This is a book about innovation. Innovation which is fuelled by ecological issues. Innovation which will enable you to save time, resources, money and improve your performance for new business development. It spells out the meaning of vital trends which will shake up your business over the coming decades. Driving Eco-Innovation provides an insight into why business is losing its innovation stamina. It gives you the nuts and bolts of the eco-innovation approach and enables you to carry out your own, hands-on experiments and, ultimately, provide products and services that are environmentally efficient and economically profitable. Authors : Claude Fussler is vice president of Environmental Health & Safety, New Business & Public Affairs, Dow Europe. In 1995 he receivedTomorrow Magazine's Environmental Leadership Award. Peter James is director of the Sustainable Business Centre. He is also an Associate of Ashridge Management College.

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