Translating Knowledge Management Visions into Strategies


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There is a critical point of failure for every knowledge management effort: when the strategy is isolated from the organization, and when there is no vision anchoring the strategy. Strategy is not a starting point, but a step in the process of creating a sustainable foundation for knowledge management efforts. Given that most knowledge management professionals do not have a grounding in vision development, this backwards approach puts any knowledge management effort at a disadvantage from the very beginning.
In the four sections of this book, expert authors Monique Ceruti, Angel Williams and Denise Bedford guide readers through the building blocks of turning knowledge management visions into strategies. They enable professionals to demonstrate their value to the organization's strategic future, as well as empowering readers to take a lead in developing a future vision, and to help establish a foundation for a 21st century knowledge organization.
Providing knowledge management professionals with a roadmap for success within their organizations, this is an unmissable book for any professional or researcher tasked with creating new strategies for knowledge management organizations.

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