Growing Your Own Truth


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Growing Your Own Truth is a deconstruction of the gay coming out process, as well as a defense of the concept of “personal truth,” with many personal stories, examples and applications to relationships in general. Andrew Phineas exposes the inside of his coming out, following his story as well as building upon reflections about life and Truth as we individually and traditionally understand it. The author envisions a world where personal truth is more easily shared among individuals to arrive at broader concepts and offers several aids as appendices to assist in the process of effectively sharing personal truth with others and listening to their revelations without judgement. The work is philosophy studded with deeply human illustrations and occasionally unique observations. Coming out later in life after a fairly conservative religious upbringing and a divorce, the author worked on three continents, met a variety of friends and potential partners, and after a long process, offers some unique combinations of ideas, cultural reactions, and personal stubbornness in order to clarify and live out his personal truth.

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